Life has unbounded possibilities and jubilation comes in manysizes and guises. Happiness is all about attitude, attitude offinding joy in small things and small wonders of nature. Some ofthe biggest sources of happiness like watching the sea, falling inlove, holding a baby in your arms and so on come absolutelyfree.

There is a huge difference between having an interest and havinga commitment. If you are committed to bring or add to the joy inyour life, this book is for you.

As recession and economic turmoil all over the world is forcingus to reflect, we need to rethink whether we are giving too muchimportance to money and material as primary sources of joy. The 7Joys of Life is a glimpse into the holistic world of 'Joy' anddiscusses seven major sources of joy. The eighth joy or the joy ofgiving has been discussed in epilogue because only after creatingjoy in our lives, we can spread the joy around. This book issupposed to be a bundle of joy but discusses in brief the barriersto joy besides the sources of job.

This work has been enriched by the contributions of 19 authorsfrom different walks of life, residing in 6 countries across 4continents.

About the Author
Dr. Amit Nagpal
 is one of the pioneers of personalbranding consulting in India. He is also an Author, Social MediaTrainer and Speaker. He is MBA, PhD and has also done AdvancedProgram in Digital Marketing.

He has a unique approach to personal branding which can besummed up as, Enlarge as a human being, Excel as a human being,Excel as a social media being and Evolve as a Personal Brand. Hislife philosophy is, Obstacles are something you see when you takeyour eyes off your goals. His blog, Global Personal Branding 3E isinternationally popular. His article on discovering our deepestpassion has been featured on He wants to help creativepeople create better, managers become leaders and professionalsbecome personal brands and find the ultimate of living

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